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MD Aligne and Angelrush Complete Merger to Form HealthRight, LLC

The creation of HealthRight, LLC brings together the power of a proprietary Consumer Health platform and methodology with a second generation Telehealth program to accelerate the adoption and utilization of eHealth clinical services and programs. With more than 2.6 million members and adding approximately 2,500 health consumers per day into the HealthRight suite of programs, HealthRight solves the two biggest issues impacting broad acceptance of first generation Telehealth programs- patient utilization and poor financial performance.

“HealthRight’s portfolio brings together core competencies of patient engagement services, access and diagnostic programs, therapeutic fulfillment networks, and nurse care coordination services which uniquely position us to serve the payer, employer and direct to consumer markets unlike any Telemedicine provider to date,” says John R. Palumbo, Chief Executive Officer of HealthRight.

“HealthRight can now take advantage of years of Consumer Health Engagement capabilities that have served millions of consumers over the past 4 years, combining our ability to reach and educate consumers on clinical programs and therapies from our Silicon Valley marketing team and our 300 seat outreach center located in the Tampa, Florida area. This now forms a company that has proven to deliver value to consumers and sponsors where early Telemedicine companies have struggled,” says Scott Roix, HealthRight’s President and co-founder of Angelrush.

Bryant Park Capital acted as the exclusive advisor to MD Aligne in this merger.

About HealthRight, LLC

HealthRight, LLC is a leading provider of eHealth services in the US. Having delivered more than one million physician consults since its inception, HealthRight serves the payer, employer and benefits consultant segments and is the leading direct to consumer provider of Telehealth, therapeutic networks and care coordination services.

About Angelrush Ventures

Angelrush Ventures is a consumer health marketing and data analytics company located in San Francisco. Founded in 2010, it’s successfully developed a platform for direct to consumer Internet marketing by controlling and owning every step of the consumer lifecycle. Their customers have higher engagement, stronger intent, and provide more insightful data. As a result, the platform has a lower cost of acquisition, greater customer lifetime value and most importantly, thorough understanding of our customer.