Connect with BPC at DealCatalyst’s The Role of Private Markets in Esoteric Asset Finance: U.S. Conference

The Bryant Park Capital team is excited to be attending DealCatalyst's The Role of Private Markets in Esoteric Asset Finance Conference at the New York Marriot Downtown on June 10th, 2024.


With banks retreating from lending under increased regulatory scrutiny and liquidity concerns, originators of non-vanilla financial assets are seeking funding alternatives. Securitization has been a pathway of choice for many of these would-be issuers, but volatility in public markets, scale and infrastructure required, and cost of funds has shut an equal number of borrowers out of the public ABS market. Private credit lenders and arrangers of bespoke private securitizations have entered the funding mix to provide much-needed capital to these non-traditional asset finance companies. The program will explore the various funding pathways available to finance these unique assets, and investors seeking yield and new opportunities will benefit from an education on these unique assets.


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