ADFLOW Health Networks Series A Convertible Preferred Stock

ADFLOW Health Networks Series A Convertible Preferred Stock

ADFLOW Health Networks, Inc. is pleased to announce a strategic investment from a Fortune 100 Healthcare Company. The investment capital is focused on the large scale deployment of ADFLOW Health Networks’ Personal Health Center (“PHC”). This platform provides consumers with access to trusted healthcare content and services, together with the ability to perform a wide range of FDA cleared screenings, facilitating an unprecedented level of engagement in self-managing their healthcare. This interactive digital media platform will accelerate the use of care coordination solutions in settings that are part of everyday life – retail locations, worksites and high traffic areas – bringing a new meaning to patient-centered convenience and care.

ADFLOW Health utilizes a proven dynamic messaging system that powers over 60 interactive and digital content networks throughout North America in a variety of retail settings. Most importantly, the company has engineered this platform to deploy multifunction biometric screening kiosks and consumer health stations with its patented technology for the secure delivery of advertising campaigns and health content to a public display. This patented technology provides ADFLOW Health with a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Mel Stein, CEO of ADFLOW Health Networks, believes that “this strategic relationship positions ADFLOW Health to set the standard for consumer health engagement solutions to consumers, retailers, employers, health plans and consumer marketers. The strategic and operational alignment of our companies allows us to accelerate the deployment of our digital health platforms replacing antiquated analog kiosks which serve more than 140 million Americans annually. We have reached an inflection point in the personal health management market and it is time for innovative technology to bring the consumer, caregivers, commerce and content together in convenient locations across the country.”

“We were excited to partner with ADFLOW Health and appreciate that the company is pleased with the results of everyone’s hard work” said Bryant Park Managing Director, John Poeta, who represents the firm’s digital, media and technology clients. “ADFLOW Health sits at the convergence of several important health and digital media market forces. The digitizing of healthcare records and services combined with the projected growth in digital-out-of-home spending (projected to grow to $3.7 billion in 2013 in the U.S. alone) and in-store advertising (project to be $20.8 billion per year) creates a near perfect storm for this digital platform and portal.”

ADFLOW Health Networks Series A Convertible Preferred Stock


“It is important also, to acknowledge the efforts of our strategic advisor and merchant banking partner, BPC Group, and those of their investment bank, Bryant Park Capital. Bryant Park’s services went beyond those of most investments banks. In addition to assisting in raising this first institution round of capital, Joel Magerman and John Poeta collectively served as our firm’s corporate and strategic development team. Their assistance was immeasurable in forming the value proposition for our company, which was only a concept when Bryant Park was engaged.”

Mel Stein, CEO