JLL Partners acquires majority stake in J.G. Wentworth

JLL Partners acquires majority stake in J.G. Wentworth

JLL Partners announced that it has acquired a majority stake in J.G. Wentworth (“JGW” or the “Company”), a specialty finance business. Founded in 1991, JGW is the industry leader in the secondary market for structured settlements and other deferred payment products. The Company assists individuals who are receiving annuity payments over a long period of time from the settlement of a personal injury lawsuit, known as structured settlements. The Company provides liquidity for the individual by purchasing all or a portion of the future payments due under terms of the original settlement.

JGW has funded over $1 billion in deferred receivables and structured settlements since its inception. JGW has in the past securitized its portfolio of purchased structured settlements through private placement transactions, totaling $435 million since 2001.

Founded in 1988, JLL Partners is a New York private equity firm with over $2.4 billion of committed capital. JLL has invested in a wide range of industries including healthcare services, medical products, food and consumer products, chemicals, broadcasting, transportation, automotive, industrial manufacturing, and distribution.

Bryant Park Capital, Inc. initiated the transaction and acted as financial advisor to J.G. Wentworth.

JLL Partners acquires majority stake in J.G. Wentworth


“The BPC deal team was thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable about their client and the industry in general which greatly facilitated JLL’s due diligence process in an industry with many complex operational, financial, regulatory and accounting issues. In addition to introducing us to the opportunity, as JG Wentworth’s financial advisors, BPC was responsive, professional and forthright throughout the sale process. JLL would not have been able to successfully complete the transaction without the involvement of BPC. We look forward to working with them on other assignments in the future.”

Frank Rodriguez, Managing Director