Founded in 1991, Bryant Park Capital (BPC) is an investment bank providing mergers and acquisitions, debt & equity, and corporate strategic advisory services to its clients in the middle‐market. Through our client‐driven approach and high‐quality standards, we are determined to find thoughtful and tailored solutions. BPC excels in providing M&A advisory and capital raising services for complex deal structures.


For over 30 years BPC has successfully guided middle market firms through growth, expansion, and sales or acquisitions. Due to our client driven approach, we have developed and maintained deep relationships with strategic and financial buyers, banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, and other highly sophisticated financial sources.


Our team has an extensive track record of success, proven by our completion of over 400 deals worth over $30 billion in transaction value.


Bryant Park is a public park located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. As an urban oasis where people can take a step away from the hustle and bustle of city life – both literally and figuratively – Bryant Park has been much beloved by New Yorkers and tourists alike for over 130 years.

Amongst an expansive terrace of tall arching trees, seasonal gardens and a plethora of dining options stands what is considered one of the greatest repositories of knowledge in the world – the New York Public Library. Standing guard outside its north and south entrances are a renowned pair of marble lion statues named for the virtues seen as key for New Yorkers to persevere – Patience and Fortitude.

All of the qualities valued within the park and library are a reflection of Bryant Park Capital – of our philosophy. Vast knowledge and experience. Patience and fortitude to exceptionally serve our clients. Uncommon tranquility to guide our clients through complex and important decisions. And, as the park and library have created solid histories in this city, so have we.